Checkbox Configs

Configuration values resolution order

The directories that are searched for config files are: /etc/xdg/ ~/.config/

Invoking checkbox-cli (without launcher)

Assumed config file name is checkbox.conf

Invoking launcher

The file name to look for is specified using config_filename variable from launcher, from the [config] section. If it’s not present, checkbox.conf is used.

Note that if same configuration variable is defined in more than one place, the value resolution is as follows:

  1. config file from ~/.config
  2. launcher being invoked (only the new syntax launchers)
  3. config file from /etc/xdg

Configs with Checkbox Remote

When the Checkbox Slave starts, it looks for config files in the same places that local Checkbox session would look (on the Slave side). If the Master uses a Launcher, then the values from that Launcher take precedence over the values from configs on the Slave side.


# checkbox.conf on the Slave

FOO = 12
BAR = 6
# Launcher used by the master

# (...)
FOO = 42

A Checkbox job that runs echo $FOO $BAR would print 42 6

Note that BAR is still available even though Master used Launcher that did not define it.