Category Unit

The category unit is a normalized implementation of a “test category” concept. Using category units one can define logical groups of tests that deal with some specific testing area (for example, suspend-resume or USB support).

Job definitions can be associated with at most one category using the category_id field (see job unit reference). Categories can be used by particular applications to facilitate test selection.

Category Fields

There are two fields that are used by the category unit:


(mandatory) - This field defines the partial identifier of the category. It is similar to the id field on the job definition units.


(mandatory) - This field defines a human readable name of the category. It may be used in application user interfaces for displaying a group of tests.

This field is translatable.


The unit is a separate entity so that it can be shipped separately of job definitions and so that its name can be localized, yet still be referred to uniquely by any job definition.

In the future it is likely that the unit will be extended with additional fields, for example to define an icon.


Association between job definitions and categories can be overridden by a particular test plan. Please refer to the test plan unit documentation for details.


Given the following definition of a category unit:

unit: category
id: audio
_name: Audio tests

And the following definition of a job unit:

id: audio/speaker-headphone-plug-detection
category_id: audio
plugin: manual
_description: Plug in your headphones and ensure the system detected them

The job definition will be a part of the audio category.