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# This file is part of Checkbox.
# Copyright 2012-2014 Canonical Ltd.
# Written by:
#   Zygmunt Krynicki <>
# Checkbox is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3,
# as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# Checkbox is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with Checkbox.  If not, see <>.
:mod:`` -- command line interface

.. warning::

import collections
import logging
import os

from plainbox import __version__ as plainbox_version
from plainbox.i18n import gettext as _
from plainbox.impl.applogic import PlainBoxConfig
from plainbox.impl.clitools import LazyLoadingToolMixIn
from plainbox.impl.commands import PlainBoxToolBase
from plainbox.impl.logging import setup_logging
from import LazyPlugInCollection

logger = logging.getLogger("")

[docs]class PlainBoxTool(LazyLoadingToolMixIn, PlainBoxToolBase): """ Command line interface to PlainBox """
[docs] def get_command_collection(self): p = "plainbox.impl.commands." return LazyPlugInCollection(collections.OrderedDict([ ('run', (p + "cmd_run:RunCommand", self._load_providers, self._load_config)), ('session', (p + "cmd_session:SessionCommand", self._load_providers)), ('device', (p + "cmd_device:DeviceCommand",)), ('self-test', (p + "cmd_selftest:PlainboxSelfTestCommand",)), ('check-config', (p + "cmd_check_config:CheckConfigCommand", self._load_config,)), ('dev', (p + "dev:DevCommand", self._load_providers, self._load_config)), ('startprovider', (p + "cmd_startprovider:StartProviderCommand",)), ]))
[docs] @classmethod def get_exec_name(cls): """ Get the name of this executable """ return "plainbox"
[docs] @classmethod def get_exec_version(cls): """ Get the version reported by this executable """ return plainbox_version
[docs] def create_parser_object(self): parser = super().create_parser_object() parser.prog = self.get_exec_name() # TRANSLATORS: '--help' and '--version' are not translatable, # but '[options]' and '<command>' are. parser.usage = _("{0} [--help] [--version] | [options] <command>" " ...").format(self.get_exec_name()) return parser
[docs] @classmethod def get_config_cls(cls): """ Get the Config class that is used by this implementation. This can be overridden by subclasses to use a different config class that is suitable for the particular application. """ return PlainBoxConfig
[docs] def get_gettext_domain(self): return "plainbox"
[docs] def get_locale_dir(self): return os.getenv("PLAINBOX_LOCALE_DIR", None)
[docs]class StubBoxTool(PlainBoxTool): """ Command line interface to StubBox The 'stubbox' executable is just just like plainbox but it contains the special stubbox provider with representative test jobs. """
[docs] @classmethod def get_exec_name(cls): return "stubbox"
def _load_providers(self):"Loading stubbox provider...") from plainbox.impl.providers.special import get_stubbox from plainbox.impl.providers.special import get_exporters return [get_stubbox(), get_exporters()]
[docs]def main(argv=None): raise SystemExit(PlainBoxTool().main(argv))
[docs]def stubbox_main(argv=None): raise SystemExit(StubBoxTool().main(argv))
[docs]def get_parser_for_sphinx(): return PlainBoxTool().construct_parser()
# Setup logging before anything else starts working. # If we do it in main() or some other place then unit tests will see # "leaked" log files which are really closed when the runtime shuts # down but not when the tests are finishing setup_logging()
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