Source code for plainbox.impl.commands.inv_session

# This file is part of Checkbox.
# Copyright 2012-2014 Canonical Ltd.
# Written by:
#   Zygmunt Krynicki <>
# Checkbox is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3,
# as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# Checkbox is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with Checkbox.  If not, see <>.
:mod:`plainbox.impl.commands.session` -- run sub-command
from base64 import b64encode
from logging import getLogger
from shutil import copyfileobj
from shutil import make_archive
import io
import itertools
import os
import sys

from plainbox.i18n import gettext as _
from plainbox.impl.applogic import get_all_exporter_names
from plainbox.impl.exporter import ByteStringStreamTranslator
from plainbox.impl.session import SessionManager
from plainbox.impl.session import SessionPeekHelper
from plainbox.impl.session import SessionResumeError
from plainbox.impl.session import SessionStorageRepository

logger = getLogger("plainbox.commands.session")

[docs]class SessionInvocation: """ Invocation of the 'plainbox session' command. :ivar ns: The argparse namespace obtained from SessionCommand """ def __init__(self, ns, provider_loader): self.ns = ns self.provider_loader = provider_loader
[docs] def run(self): cmd = getattr(self.ns, 'session_cmd', self.ns.default_session_cmd) if cmd == 'list': self.list_sessions() elif cmd == 'remove': self.remove_session() elif cmd == 'show': self.show_session() elif cmd == 'archive': self.archive_session() elif cmd == 'export': self.export_session()
[docs] def list_sessions(self): repo = SessionStorageRepository() storage = None for storage in repo.get_storage_list(): if self.ns.only_ids: print( continue data = storage.load_checkpoint() if len(data) > 0: metadata = SessionPeekHelper().peek(data) print(_("session {0} app:{1}, flags:{2!r}, title:{3!r}") .format(, metadata.app_id, sorted(metadata.flags), metadata.title)) else: print(_("session {0} (not saved yet)").format( if not self.ns.only_ids and storage is None: print(_("There are no stored sessions"))
[docs] def remove_session(self): for session_id in self.ns.session_id_list: storage = self._lookup_storage(session_id) if storage is None: print(_("No such session"), session_id) else: storage.remove() print(_("Session removed"), session_id)
[docs] def show_session(self): for session_id in self.ns.session_id_list: storage = self._lookup_storage(session_id) if storage is None: print(_("No such session"), session_id) else: print("[{}]".format(session_id)) print(_("location:"), storage.location) data = storage.load_checkpoint() if len(data) == 0: continue metadata = SessionPeekHelper().peek(data) print(_("application ID: {0!r}").format(metadata.app_id)) print(_("application-specific blob: {0}").format( b64encode(metadata.app_blob).decode('ASCII') if metadata.app_blob is not None else None)) print(_("session title: {0!r}").format(metadata.title)) print(_("session flags: {0!r}").format(sorted(metadata.flags))) print(_("current job ID: {0!r}").format( metadata.running_job_name)) print(_("data size: {0}").format(len(data))) if self.ns.resume: print(_("Resuming session {0} ...").format( try: self.resume_session(storage) except SessionResumeError as exc: print(_("Failed to resume session:"), exc) else: print(_("session resumed successfully"))
[docs] def resume_session(self, storage): return SessionManager.load_session( self._get_all_units(), storage, flags=self.ns.flag)
[docs] def archive_session(self): session_id = self.ns.session_id storage = self._lookup_storage(session_id) if storage is None: print(_("No such session: {0}").format(self.ns.session_id)) else: print(_("Archiving session...")) archive = make_archive( self.ns.archive, 'gztar', os.path.dirname(storage.location), os.path.basename(storage.location)) print(_("Created archive: {0}").format(archive))
[docs] def export_session(self): if self.ns.output_format == _('?'): self._print_output_format_list() return 0 elif self.ns.output_options == _('?'): self._print_output_option_list() return 0 storage = self._lookup_storage(self.ns.session_id) if storage is None: print(_("No such session: {0}").format(self.ns.session_id)) else: print(_("Exporting session...")) manager = SessionManager.load_session( self._get_all_units(), storage, flags=self.ns.flag) exporter = self._create_exporter(manager) # Get a stream with exported session data. exported_stream = io.BytesIO() exporter.dump_from_session_manager(manager, exported_stream) # Need to rewind the file, puagh # Write the stream to file if requested if self.ns.output_file is sys.stdout: # This requires a bit more finesse, as exporters output bytes # and stdout needs a string. translating_stream = ByteStringStreamTranslator( self.ns.output_file, "utf-8") copyfileobj(exported_stream, translating_stream) else: print(_("Saving results to {}").format( copyfileobj(exported_stream, self.ns.output_file) if self.ns.output_file is not sys.stdout: self.ns.output_file.close()
def _get_all_units(self): return list( itertools.chain(*[p.unit_list for p in self.provider_loader()])) def _print_output_format_list(self): print(_("Available output formats: {}").format( ', '.join(get_all_exporter_names()))) def _print_output_option_list(self): print(_("Each format may support a different set of options")) with SessionManager.get_throwaway_manager() as manager: for name, exporter in manager.exporter_map.items(): print("{}: {}".format( name, ", ".join(exporter.exporter_cls.supported_option_list))) def _create_exporter(self, manager): if self.ns.output_options: option_list = self.ns.output_options.split(',') else: option_list = None return manager.create_exporter(self.ns.output_format, option_list) def _lookup_storage(self, session_id): repo = SessionStorageRepository() for storage in repo.get_storage_list(): if == session_id: return storage
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