Application developers

This chapter organizes information useful for developers working on testing systems and Checkbox derivatives.


This chapter is very much under development. The list of stories below is a guiding point for subsequent editions that will expand and provide real value.

Personas and stories

  • I’m a Checkbox, Checkbox derivative or third party developer:

    • What use cases should require a new application?
    • How should I be using Plainbox APIs?
    • Which parts of Plainbox APIs are stable?
    • How can I have special sauce with using Plainbox at the core?
    • What is covered by Checkbox
  • I’m a Checkbox developer.

    • I’m adding a new feature, should that feature go to Checkbox or Plainbox?
    • I’m writing a new job, should that job go to Checkbox or JobBox?
  • I’m a developer working on test system different from but not unlike plainbox (this is in the same chapter but should heavily link to derivative systems and application development chapter)

    • Why would I depend on plainbox rather than do everything I need myself?
    • Do I need to create a derivative or can I just create jobs for what plainbox supports?
    • What are the stability guarantees if I choose to build with planbox?
    • How can I use plainbox as a base for my automated or manual testing system?
    • How does an example third party test system built on top of plainbox look like?

Key topics


The list here should always be based on the personas and stories section above.

  • Introduction to plainbox
  • Where is plainbox getting the jobs from?
  • Creating and maintaining jobs with plainbox
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