Job and Test Developers

This chapter organizes information useful for developers creating and maintaining jobs and test scripts but not directly involved in changing the core.


This chapter is very much under development. The list of stories below is a guiding point for subsequent editions that will expand and provide real value.

Personas and stories

  • I’m a developer working on the checkbox project. With my job developer hat on:
    • how does plainbox help me do my job when…
      • … I’m fixing a bug in existing jobs or scripts?
      • … I’m working on a new job from scratch?
      • … I’m working on private collection of jobs?
    • how can I check for syntax correctness, simple errors, etc?
    • how can I write automated tests for my jobs?
    • how can I run automated tests for my jobs?
    • how can I document my jobs so that others can understand and use them better?
  • I’m a developer working on a derivative of the checkbox project. I don’t know much about plainbox. What should I be aware of and how can I use plainbox to do my job better.
    • (same as above but with different assumptions about initial familiarity with plainbox)
    • how can I find about all the existing jobs?
    • how can I find about all the existing resource jobs?

Key topics


The list here should always be based on the personas and stories section above.

  • Introduction to plainbox
  • Where is plainbox getting the jobs from?
  • Creating and maintaining jobs with plainbox
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