Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does “advice: please use .pxu as the extension for all files with plainbox units” mean?

A: It means that you should just rename your .txt or files to .pxu. We’re doing this because we want to standardize the new file extension and provide syntax highlighting in common text editors.

For now you can also look at the plainbox/contrib/pxu.vim directory to use our experimental syntax highlighting file for Vim. Improvements to suppor other editors are highly welcome!


Q: What’s the difference between description and purpose/steps/verification fields in job definition and how should I use them?

A: Description should contain all the information needed to perform the test. For tests requiring human interaction, description field should contain information about the purpose of the test, all the steps that the user has to perform and instruction how to verify the outcome of the test. In order to draw a finer finer distinction between the aformentioned stages of test execution, the use of purpose, steps and verification fields is recommended. Since version 0.17 of plainbox some user interfaces take advantage of the new fields set. They will display the purpose of the test prior to its execution, steps information while executing them and verification instruction when the test is done. Note, that purpose, steps and verification fields are used only in jobs definitions requiring human interaction i.e. ones of plugin type ‘manual’, ‘user-interact’, and ‘user-interact-verify’.

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