command: example-command $PLAINBOX_PROVIDER_DATA/data-file.dat

Running an example-command on a provider-specific data file.


Plainbox providers can require arbitrary data files for successful testing. The absolute path of the provider data/ directory is exposed as the environment variable $PLAINBOX_PROVIDER_DATA. Job commands can use that variable to refer to the data directory in an unambiguous way.

Typical Use Cases

Typically the data file is used by the job command. For example, let’s say that an audio file test.wav is stored in the data/ directory of the provider and the intent is to have a job definition which plays that file:

id: play-audio-file
plugin: user-verify
summary: play the test.wav file
command: paplay $PLAINBOX_PROVIDER_DATA/test.wav
 Plays the test sound file (test.wav)

 Did the sound file play correctly?

The job play-audio-file will use the paplay (1) executable to play an audio file shipped by the provider. Since the actual location of the audio file may vary, depending on environment and installation method, the test definition uses the environment variable $PLAINBOX_PROVIDER_DATA to access it in an uniform way.

Checkbox Compatibility

Jobs designed to work with pre-Plainbox-based Checkbox may still refer to the old, somewhat confusing, environment variable CHECKBOX_SHARE (7). It points to the same directory.

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