plainbox-dev (1)


plainbox dev <subcommand> ...


Development commands

All of the commands in the plainbox dev group are intended for Plainbox developers and may be unstable and may change from release to release without notice.

Some of the commands are of general use and, most importantly, are of value to Plainbox provider maintainers. Such commands may be promoted to be top-level commands with the next release.


plainbox dev script [-h] JOB-ID
run a command from a job
plainbox dev special [-h] (-j | -J | -e | -d) [–dot-resources] [-T TEST-PLAN-ID] [-i PATTERN] [-x PATTERN]
special/internal commands
plainbox dev analyze [-h] [-s] [-d] [-t] [-e] [-v] [-r] [-E] [-S] [-R] [-T TEST-PLAN-ID] [-i PATTERN] [-x PATTERN]
analyze how selected jobs would be executed
plainbox dev parse [-h] PARSER-NAME
parse stdin with the specified parser
plainbox dev crash [-h] (-c | -H)
crash the application
plainbox dev logtest [-h]
log messages at various levels
plainbox dev list [-h] [-a] [group]
list and describe various objects
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