plainbox-file-units (7)


This page documents the Plainbox file units syntax and runtime behavior


The file unit is a internal implementation detail at this time. It is technically a Unit but it currently cannot be defined in a unit definition file as the ‘unit: file’ association is not exposed.

File units are useful as an abstraction that everything is an unit. It allows the core to validate file properties (name, role, permissions) in context. Currently the unit is very fresh and relatively under-used but it is expected to replace many internal ad-hoc enumeration systems that deal with files.

File Fields

There are two fields that are used by the file unit:

This field defines the full, absolute path of the file that the unit is describing. Note that this is not an identifier as it is more natural to discuss files in terms of filenames rather than some abstract identifiers.

This field defines the purpose of the file in a given provider. This field may hold one of several supported values:

The file is a source of unit definitions. Currently this is the only actually implemented value.
This file is an architecture independent executable.
This file is an architecture-specific executable.
This file is a binary blob (a data file).
This file is a part of the internationalization subststem. Typically this would apply to the translation catalogues.
This file is the provider management script,
This file contains copyright and licensing information.
This file contains documentation.
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