plainbox-session-list (1)


plainbox session list [-h] [--only-ids]


List available sessions

The plainbox session list command simply prints a list of available sessions. Each session has the following attributes displayed:

storage identifier:
A randomly-looking identifier string starting with ‘pbox-‘ that identifies the session in the repository it comes from. The repository is typically typically specific to the user’s home directory: $XDG_CACHE_HOME/plainbox/sessions.
The name of the application that created the session. Typically plainbox or checkbox. Plainbox only resumes sessions it has itself created.

A list of flags. Existing flags are:

The session has some jobs left to run. Sessions with this flag can be resumed
The session was complete and the results were processed somehow. Typically this means they were saved to a file or sent to the certification website.

Note that other flags are possible and they are perfectly fine. Applications can define their own flags that are not documented here or even understood by the core.

An arbitrary “title” of the session. Plainbox typically uses the command line that was used to launch the session but other applications may come up with more interesting titles. Plainbox also uses the title to match find a possible resume candidate.


Optional arguments:

 print one id per line only
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