plainbox-session (1)


plainbox session [-h] {list,remove,show,archive,export} ...


This command can be used to list, show and remove sessions owned by the current user.

Each session has a small amount of meta-data that is available for inspection. Each session has an application identifier (set by the application that created that session), a title, that is human readable piece of text that helps to distinguish sessions, and a set of flags. Flags are particularly useful for determining what is the overall state of any particular session. Two flags are standardized (other flags can be used by applications): incomplete and submitted. The ‘incomplete’ flag is removed after all desired jobs have been executed. The ‘submitted’ flag is set after a submission is made using any of the transport mechanisms.


plainbox session list [-h] [–only-ids]
list available sessions
plainbox session remove [-h] SESSION-ID [SESSION-ID …]
remove one more more sessions
plainbox session show [-h] [-r] [-f FLAG] SESSION-ID [SESSION-ID …]
show a single session
plainbox session archive [-h] SESSION-ID ARCHIVE
archive a single session
plainbox session export [-h] [–flag FLAG] [-f FORMAT] [-p OPTIONS] [-o FILE] SESSION-ID
export a single session
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