plainbox.impl.highlevel – High-level API

class plainbox.impl.highlevel.Explorer(provider_list=None, repository_list=None)[source]

Bases: object

Class simplifying discovery of various PlainBox objects.


Get a tree of PlainBoxObject that represents everything that PlainBox knows about.

Returns:A PlainBoxObject that represents the explorer object itself, along with all the children reachable from it.

This function computes the following set of data:

the explorer itself
    - all providers
        - all jobs
        - all executables
    - all repositories
        - all storages
class plainbox.impl.highlevel.PlainBoxObject(impl, name=None, group=None, children=None, attrs=None)[source]

Bases: object

A thin wrapper around some other plainbox object.


A mapping of key-value attributes that this object has

This mapping is mutable and is always guaranteed to exist.


A list of children that this object has

This list is mutable and is always guaranteed to exist.


group this object belongs to.

This is a way to distinguish high-level “classes” that may not map one-to-one to a internal python class.


name of this object

This may be an abbreviated form that assumes the group is displayed before the name. It will probably take a few iterations before we get right names (and other, additional properties) for everything.

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