plainbox.provider_manager – CLI tools for managing providers

This module has strict API stability requirements. The only public API is the setup() function and the argument handling semantics that is documented therein.


The setup method that is being called from generated scripts.

This setup method is similar in spirit to the’s setup() call present in most python projects. It takes any keyword arguments and tries to make the best of it.

Parameters:kwargs – arbitrary keyword arguments, see below for what we currently look up
Raises:SystemExit with the exit code of the program. This is done regardless of normal / abnormal termination.

The following keyword parameters are supported:

name of the provider (IQN compatible). Typically something like org.example:some-name where the some-name is a simple identifier and a private namespace for whoever owned org.example
version string, required
description (may be long/multi line), optional
gettext translation domain for job definition strings, optional

A decorator for classes that extend subcommands of

Parameters:cls – A new management subcommand class. Either a new class (subclassing ManageCommand directly) or a subclass of one of the standard command classes). New commands are just appended, replacement commands override the stock version.
Returns:cls itself, unchanged
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