Configuring auto-retry for failing tests

You can use launchers to configure Checkbox to automatically retry failing jobs.

Enable auto-retry

To apply the auto-retry function to all failing test jobs, add a ui section in your launcher and set the option to yes. You can also specify the maximum number of attempts and the delay between each retry.

For example:

[test plan]
unit = com.canonical.certification::smoke
forced = yes

[test selection]
forced = yes

auto_retry = yes
max_attempts = 2
# the delay is in seconds
delay_before_retry = 2

After every test was executed, all failing tests were retried up to two times, waiting 2 seconds between one attempt and the next. This may be useful if, for example, a test relies on an external factor like WiFi access.

For more details about the ui section in Checkbox launchers, see Checkbox launchers.

Skip auto-retry

When auto_retry is set to yes, every failing job will be retried. This can be a problem: for instance, for jobs that take a really long time to run. To avoid this, you can use the auto-retry=no inline override in the test plan to explicitly mark each job you do not wish to see retried.

For example:

id: foo-bar-and-froz
_name: Tests Foo, Bar and Froz
  bar     auto-retry=no

In this case, even if the job bar fails and auto-retry is activated, it will not be retried.