Installing Checkbox

In order to install Checkbox you are going to need two parts, a runtime and a frontend.

First we need to install the runtime, this tutorial will use the checkbox22 runtime on Ubuntu 22.04. We also offer versions for 16, 18 and 20. Use the one that matches your Ubuntu version or refer to Picking your version to understand and pick the one that fits your needs:

$ sudo snap install checkbox22
checkbox22 X.Y.Z from Canonical Certification Team (ce-certification-qa) installed

Now that we have the checkbox22 runtime, we need a frontend, to install it run the following:

$ sudo snap install checkbox --channel 22.04/stable --classic
checkbox (22.04/stable) X.Y.Z from Canonical Certification Team (ce-certification-qa) installed


There are multiple frontends as you may discover by typing snap info checkbox. If you are unsure about what frontend you should use, consider reading this page: Picking your version, but for the scope of this tutorial the one installed in this snipped is enough.

Now that we have installed both we can launch Checkbox running:

$ checkbox.checkbox-cli
Select test plan
│ ( ) (Deprecated) Fully Automatic Client Certification Tests                         │
│ ( ) 18.04 Server Certification Full                                                 │
│ ( ) 18.04 Server Certification Functional                                           │
│ ( ) 18.04 System On Chip Certification (For SoC Testing)                            │
│ ( ) 18.04 Virtual Machine Full (For Hypervisors)                                    │
│ ( ) 20.04 Server Certification Full                                                 │
Press <Enter> to continue                                                      (H) Help

If your screen is similar to this one, rejoice! You can start using Checkbox! For now you can close it using Ctrl+C.