Configuration values resolution order

The directories that are searched for config files are: /etc/xdg/ ~/.config/

The filename that’s looked up depends on how checkbox is run.

Invoking checkbox-cli (without launcher)

Assumed config file name is checkbox.conf

Invoking plainbox

Assumed config file name is plainbox.conf

Invoking launcher

The file name to look for is specified using config_filename variable from launcher, from the [config] section. If it’s not present, checkbox.conf ‘ is used.

Apps using SessionAssistant or the plainbox internals directly

plainbox.conf is used, unless SessionAsistant.use_alternate_configuration() is called.

Note that if same configuration variable is defined in more then one place, the value resolution is as follows: 1. config file from ~/.config 2. launcher being invoked (only the new syntax launchers) 3. config file from /etc/xdg