Checkbox is a flexible test automation software. It’s the main tool used in Ubuntu Certification program.

You can use checkbox without any modification to check if your system is behaving correctly or you can develop your own set of tests to check your needs. See Checkbox tutorials for details.


Documentation is under development. Some things are wrong, inaccurate or describe development goals rather than current state.


Checkbox can be installed from a PPA (recommended) or pypi on Ubuntu Precise (12.04) or newer.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hardware-certification/public && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install checkbox-ng

Running stable release update tests

Checkbox has special support for running stable release updates tests in an automated manner. This runs all the jobs from the sru.test plan and sends the results to the certification website.

To run SRU tests you will need to know the so-called Secure ID of the device you are testing. Once you know that all you need to do is run:

$ checkbox sru $secure_id submission.xml

The second argument, submission.xml, is a name of the fallback file that is only created when sending the data to the certification website fails to work for any reason.

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